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          Thank you! Your request has been accepted. While we are selecting the best logistics solution for you, please get acquainted with the following information:

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          Qoovee Logistics is a service of searching logistics companies, as well as other transportation and warehousing solutions. We select for you the most favorable and affordable shipping terms among an extensive directory of logistics service providers.

          • Compare Receive multiple freight quotations to compare prices and services.
          • Fast Submit your request for a freight quote and get offers directly from forwarders.
          • Easy Request a quote in 2 minutes with the help of our simple form.

          Qoovee Logistics allows freight forwarders to access suppliers and clients from around the world. One of the main advantages of Qoovee Logistics is that we have the trading platform for business (B2B), where hundreds of thousands of wholesalers from different countries trade and thus provide shipping orders for freight forwarders.

          • Orders Qoovee receives requests for quotations for freight from exporters and importers from different countries, both from the B2B marketplace and directly.
          • Protection Customers send payment for logistics services to Qoovee as a prepayment, freight forwarders fulfill the order and after receive payment. It allows Freight Forwarders to avoid doubts on customers' payment for the service.
          • Partnership A quick search for verified freight forwarding agents from different countries. You make one request and get a lot of offers from freight forwarding agents.

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          The volume of production, the level of trade and economic recovery affect the development of such a field of activity as international shipping. It is commodity and economic relations that contribute to the development of types and methods of transportation that meet the needs of a rapidly developing market. International transportation of goods from us is the best solution for you Do you urgently need to transport perishable, oversized, transit or excisable cargo? Welcome to our site - Qoovee Logistics is a platform for customers of logistics services, forwarders, as well as transport and logistics companies! To solve problems of any complexity, we have everything you need: • staff of qualified specialists; • proven network of partners, logistics, transport companies • large base of reliable freight forwarders • modern software. All of the above advantages allow us to solve problems in the field of cargo transportation and logistics services promptly, professionally and online. Taking into account the specifics of your cargo, our specialists and partners will select the best mode of transport for you, satisfying all indicators. International transport of goods: a variety of options Trucking is the best option for transporting goods in terms of mobility, flexibility and time. The advantage of road transport is the ability to quickly deliver cargo of any size to any convenient place. This transportation is economical and does not require additional paperwork. International transportation by trucks is the leader in the transport services market. They are carried out from European countries to Russia, Turkey, China and the CIS, and in the opposite direction. With this type of transportation, it is easy to track the goods throughout the journey and, if necessary, provide escort. Railroad transportation is carried out by containers, trailers, tanks and various types of wagons: covered, closed, insulated, increased volume and refrigerated sections. One of the main advantages of rail transport is its affordable cost. And also the ability to carry out transportation in any climatic and weather conditions. Transportation by rail allows you to transport any oversized and bulky cargo, various equipment, road and construction equipment. The cost of rail freight transportation is often a more profitable option compared to others. Sea freight is one of the oldest ways to export cargo over long distances. With the help of sea transportation, it is possible to deliver any cargo to the destination: coal, metal, oil, cars, building materials and more. Special containers allow you to export any oversized cargo to places where there are sea communications and seaports. This is the only option for which bulk transportation of solid bulk, liquid and flammable cargo is feasible. Cargo transportation by sea is a good alternative to land transportation. Air transportation is a fast and reliable way of transporting cargo to the most remote points of the world with a difficult landscape. The main advantages of air cargo transportation are speed, wide geography of flights, short transportation routes, the ability to transport cargo of various specifications, a high level of security, a guarantee of cargo safety and more. During air travel, there is no need to go through customs control at every border. Only at the place of departure and at the point of arrival. In terms of advantages, no mode of transport can compete with air transportation. For the delivery of perishable and valuable goods, this type of transportation is simply irreplaceable. Multimodal cargo transportation is a phased use of road, rail and sea transport. This type of transportation is used when the delivery of goods is impossible with one mode of transport. Multimodal freight transportation has a number of advantages: the ability to deliver goods to any distance, the shortest possible transportation time, reduced transportation costs and other advantages. Using the services of our platform, you will receive: • access to a large database of forwarders and carriers • fast rates • all types of international freight traffic; • planning and control of the entire process of cargo transportation; • execution of all necessary documents; • competent passage of customs procedures; • escort and loading and unloading operations; • warehouse for temporary storage of cargo; • professional advice and other benefits. Qoovee Logistics is the automation of cargo transportation, fast and favorable prices, a high level of service, efficiency of all actions, price comparison. Do you have any questions about the delivery of groupage cargo, payment methods, insurance conditions, paperwork and others? Write, our consultant will competently answer all your questions. Contact us!

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 is a business platform where tens of thousands of exporters and importers from all over the world discover each other and make wholesale trade deals. They need logistics services.

          In this regard, Qoovee has established Qoovee Logistics, a subsidiary platform for freight, which helps to find reliable and favorable logistics solutions and make shipments easy all over the world.

          • Customer requests quotes on the platform
          • Verified logistics partners of Qoovee Logistics provide freight quotes
          • Customer chooses a suitable offer and makes a payment through the Qoovee Logistics, thus Qoovee Logistics guarantees a refund if delivery will not be done for some reason

          Payments for freight services made through the Qoovee Logistics platform by bank transfer to Qoovee Logistics account or by Visa / MasterCard credit card.

          To get guarantees of refund and payment protection, a customer should make payment only through the Qoovee Logistics platform by Bank transfer to the account of Qoovee Logistics or by credit card Visa/MasterCard. In other cases, Qoovee Logistics is not responsible for the safety of a customer's money and services provided by logistics company.

          Qoovee Logistics operates with trusted logistics service providers and reliable insurance companies that undertake the obligations and guarantees of delivery of the goods under the agreed conditions in the agreement between the customer, the freight forwarder and the insurance company.